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Even if I communicate with Americans every single day, my home is in Denmark. Here they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as such. They haven’t adopted it the way they have adopted some other American traditions, such as Valentine and Halloween and Black Friday.  Yes, we have Black Friday here for sure, but without the Thanksgiving. Go [...]

Do you recall last time you came home after one of those really tough days at work that don’t seem to have an end… I hope you don’t have too many of them, but they do happen for most of us...And so, on a day like this as you enter your home do you feel happy [...]

I’m currently connecting with other loneliness experts around the world. Collectively, we approach loneliness in many different ways, from scientific to spiritual, from educational to therapeutic. And yet, as different as we all are, we all agree on the same observation:No one wants to talk about it.April Joy Ford, author of "You Are Not Alone", shared [...]

When I meet people who are literally stuck in loneliness, people who have hopes and dreams yet endure the same pain and emptiness every day - it breaks my heart. Loneliness is not a place where you should stay for the rest of your life!I know that some people do stay there nevertheless. But I don’t want you [...]

So many women dream of traveling alone - and so many hesitate, for many reasons, most of which come down to fear. So how to overcome fear and travel alone after all? You'll find some great answers, empowering inspiration and last but not least amazing stories in this interview with the founder of Women On the [...]

I remember feeling that way once and I remember the first time a coaching client expressed it: "I can see how self-love is important, but I have no idea how to feel it and how to make it a practice in my life". Most of us have learned that love is something outside of us. Most of us have [...]

Solo Soul... what does Solo Souls really mean?I was wondering what "Solo Soul" means to you so I sent a survey asking you that question a while ago. I received a variety of responses (thank you!) and that was really wonderful, showing how we are in many different places and how each of the places [...]

We all had our heart broken. It's part of being human. Actually, we have had our heart broken many more times than we remember. And since far from every instance of broken heart was healed and embraced right there, this is also:How can we open our hearts without getting hurt again?By letting our love take care [...]

Note: Below is an almost word-to-word transcript of the "New Year Intention To Lasting Innovation" video.DOWNLOAD THE EXACT STEPS HEREHappy New Year! The new year, at least in our culture, is a way to end something and to begin something new and for many people that leads to some contemplation on what you have experienced and achieved in [...]

“I don't have to be safe to feel safe, I always feel safe at my core.” ― Jay WoodmanNote: Below is an almost word-to-word transcript of this video.Let's talk about loneliness, but from a different perspective than it's often being talked about. Because the most common way to approach it or to speak about it is as an absence of [...]